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Buyers tend to be apprehensive and careful when viewing homes for sale. Therefore, it is imperative that your home is thoroughly prepared for potential buyers. Many fix ups are very inexpensive but can pay huge dividends. Here is a brief list of things sellers should do to prepare in order to best market the home:


green-checkmarkCLEAN! Wash walls, shampoo carpets, clean windows, sills, screens, and blinds. Clean all light fixtures and switches. Dust everything, then dust everything again.

green-checkmarkClean all appliances, especially the refrigerator. Remove all items that look old or unsanitary. Degrease and clean your oven, and keep it that way.

green-checkmarkRemove all clutter from kitchen cabinets and counter tops. Make the sink shine, and remove all dirty dishes.

green-checkmarkClean and keep clean all bathrooms. Use fresh towels and color coordination whenever possible.

green-checkmarkKeep all sinks clean, replace all grimy and corroded fixtures, and eliminate all leaking or slow drains.

green-checkmarkMake your home feel as spacious as possible by storing unnecessary furnishings and arranging other furnishings so walking through the home is easy. Use mirrors on the wall where appropriate to reflect light and make rooms seem larger.

green-checkmarkMake sure the entire home is light and bright. Use higher wattage bulbs, and keep all lights on during showings, even in daytime. Keep your curtains and drapes open, and find ways to screen unappealing views.

green-checkmarkRemove most photos, pictures, and artwork from the walls. Patch all newly exposed nail holes.

green-checkmarkTouch up paint wherever needed. That means walls, baseboards, doors, cabinets, etc.

green-checkmarkMake sure all door knobs and locks are in proper working order. If not working properly, replace!

green-checkmarkEliminate clutter from all cabinets and closets. Yes, you can assume that all buyers will look in there, also.

green-checkmarkA good smelling home sells first. Place scented candles or air fresheners in the kitchen and bathrooms.

green-checkmarkThe exterior is important, as well, so keep all walkways clear and clean. This includes your parking area/driveway.

green-checkmarkTrim all hedges and shrubbery, prune palm trees, weed and mulch all flower beds. Mow the lawn, and keep edged properly. Neatly trim around the A/C unit.

green-checkmarkHire someone to pressure wash the exterior, easier than doing it yourself. This may be the most important “curb appeal” detail that must not be ignored. Don’t forget the roof! Algae on the roof can and should be removed.

green-checkmarkReplace or repair any broken windows or screens. Pay close attention to the windows in your Florida room.

green-checkmarkMake sure all your outdoor furniture is clean and safe, and neatly arranged. Nearby potted flowers add a colorful accent.

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