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Buyers will often request a home showing on very short notice. If you plan to occupy the home during the listing period, you, the seller should be able to quickly freshen up the home. Here are some helpful things to remember to do:


green-checkmarkVacuum carpets, especially high traffic areas. Use a dust mop to dust wood floors.

green-checkmarkDisplay fresh hand towels and put out fresh hand soap. Liquid hand soap is most convenient.

green-checkmarkEmpty all trash receptacles and line all of them with clean liners.

green-checkmarkWipe down kitchen surfaces: counter tops, appliances, and cabinets. Do the same thing in all bathrooms. Remember to wipe down bathroom floors. Use toilet bowl cleaner and brush all toilets.

green-checkmarkPick up all clutter and stash out of sight. Organize books and magazines.

green-checkmarkMake all beds and close closet doors.

green-checkmarkPull back drapes for more natural light. Turn the lights on in every room.

green-checkmarkSecure your pets, preferably at the neighbor’s house. If a cat’s litter box is present, clean it.

green-checkmarkPlug in electric air fresheners or use scented candles for a welcoming aroma.

green-checkmarkSweep the entry and patio areas. Wipe down patio furniture.

Remember that it’s always best to maintain a clean and organized home while your home is listed for sale. This is the best way to be prepared for a short notice showing.

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