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A home in need of repair keeps buyers away, fearing the uncertainty of future repair costs. Having your home in good living and showing condition is the best way to arrive at a satisfactory selling price. Additionally, making service records available from your A/C and pest control technicians can demonstrate your diligence as a home owner.


Many potential buyers drive by a home to view it from the street before a showing. Others see a home that grabs their attention and then decide to set an appointment for a showing. Don’t forget the importance of your home’s exterior appearance at any time.


Major home improvements are best enjoyed by the current owner. Sellers rarely realize a return on expensive renovations or remodeling projects. A well maintained, clean home that’s priced right are what most buyers are searching for, not one that’s relatively overpriced.



Overpricing discourages potential buyers, and helps others sell their homes quicker, because comparatively, their home may have more to offer at the same price.

Initially pricing too high and making subsequent price reductions may make buyers think that something is wrong with the home.

A home on the market for an extended period is considered “stale,” and fails to draw serious interest. Allow one of our experienced agents to advise you on properly pricing your home.


Don’t waste any time deciding how to respond to any offer. Remove any emotion, listen to the advice of your agent, and promptly respond. Remember, buyers are usually considering several homes simultaneously, and their motivation level will decrease over time. Acting in a timely manner is imperative.


Leave the home during showings. It’s the ideal time for a walk or a drive, especially if you’re able to take your pets with you. Buyers are more comfortable without the seller present; they will spend more time to take “emotional possession,” imagining themselves as the new owners. If any specific questions arise, your agent will contact you for any pertinent information.


Buyers are drawn to bright, light, clean, and updated homes. Open your home and let natural light in. Replace any old and worn dark carpeting and drapes. Buyers imagine themselves in the kitchen, living room, Florida room, and the bedrooms, so emphasize the clean, light and bright in these rooms. Additionally, the smell of your home is the foundation of a buyer’s first impression. Remember the scented candles or air fresheners!


The smell of your home is the foundation of a buyer’s first impression. Remember the scented candles or air fresheners!

Do you need to sell a home? We will guide you through the entire process by marketing your home, showing your home, and answer all your questions from beginning to end. Let the professionals at Mobile Home Spot do all the work in order to get your home sold for top dollar as soon as possible!

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