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Life in a land lease community offers many advantages to the residents. Some of these include increased financial freedom, highly maintained neighborhoods, wide variety of amenities, security, and a sense of commonality with fellow home owners. For these and other reasons, living in a land lease community could very well be the right answer for you.


Perhaps most importantly, residents in a land lease community are purchasing their home, and not the land it rests on. In most cases, this saves the home owner tens of thousands of dollars to use as they wish. An owner may use this money to invest, save for a rainy day, travel, or anything else imaginable. For others, the move to a new home could be relatively short term, due to those inevitable circumstances- illness, passing of a spouse, etc. In this scenario, it may be less sensible to purchase a home and land than one in a land lease community.



In a land lease community, home owners establish a long term relationship with the community management. Residents and management partner with each other to maintain high community standards, producing favorable results for everyone.

Community managers routinely serve the residents by working to resolve problems such as disruptive pets, property upkeep, and parking.

They maintain the resources to correct problems in emergencies, perform background checks on potential home owners, and enforce common rules and regulations for all. This cooperation between residents and management result in less stress and improved quality of life for the residents.


The affordable lease payments bring a great value for all home owners. A wide variety of amenities are available for many residents, but may vary from one community to another. Some of these include: pools and spas, tennis and shuffleboard courts, bocce ball, basketball, horseshoes, fitness centers, pool rooms, crafts rooms, RV and boat storage. All common areas of each park are maintained by the community management and staff, and home owners are not responsible for property taxes!


Living among those with similar interests and life experiences makes all of us more comfortable. After purchasing your home in a land lease community, you can expect a warm and genuine welcome from many of your new neighbors, people you can depend on whenever the need arises in the future. Most communities have scheduled social activities, so whatever your interests, there is always something fun to do!

For all these reasons and more, consider the possibilities of choosing to live in a land lease community. Join thousands of others who have increased financial freedom, a sense of community, and a fun and active lifestyle!

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